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Sambal & Mages

Sambal & Mages x Circus Usagi Treasures of a Druidic Deity 50mm D20 Chonk

Sambal & Mages x Circus Usagi Treasures of a Druidic Deity 50mm D20 Chonk

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Product Description:
Invoke druidic powers with this exclusive collaboration piece. The inside of the dice, known as a blank, has been wrapped in a special decorative washi tape created by artist Circus Usagi. The entire die is then encased in a clear protective shell made of resin, allowing the unique art on the inside to be visible from the outside.


Dice Status:
This dice is ready and will be shipped upon order.

While we take great care in crafting these dice, slight imperfections may occur, which won't affect your rolls in any way.

Our Maker Promise:
At Sambal & Mages, we handcraft, cure, sand, polish, and ink each resin dice with utmost care. Minor imperfections like micro bubbles, light lipping, and mold marks may be present, adding to the uniqueness of each set.

Slight variations are inevitable, adding character to each set and ensuring yours is truly one-of-a-kind.


Customer Support:
Should you encounter any issues upon receiving your dice, reach out to us via email or Instagram. We're here to assist you promptly.

Shipping Details:
Enjoy free shipping for orders above SGD150 in Singapore & Malaysia and SGD250 worldwide. Shipping and handling fees will be calculated during checkout.

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