Adding a little Singaporean ✨spice✨ to Dungeons & Dragons.

Sambal - a chilli-based relish integral to South East Asian cuisines, like in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Mages - people who do mAgiCks.

🌶️ Sambal & Mages🌶️
A smol collective from Singapore spicin’ up the Dungeons & Dragons world with a South East Asian brand of handmade resin dice. If you're looking for cool, unique D&D dice, we're here!

the sambal & mages team - comprising of 4 singaporean women at their comic con booth

Meet the Mages

Tag along on our individual Dungeons & Dragons journeys! (left to right)

DM Sparro (she/they)
Your DM-inspo board, from crafting ship hulls for game battles to notetaking tips.

Mamasan Dice (she/her)
Our resident dicemaker spins her own tale – focusing on Chinese mythology.

Digby’s Dice (she/her)
A niche, eclectic mix of her dice hoard and fountain pens. Name her a better duo.

Madame Dice-President (she/her)
Out-of-control dice goblin. Members of the house, roll initiative!