Dice Making

table with materials for making handmade d&d dice sets, such as resin and inks

How do you make your dice?

By hand in our workshop! 😊

  • Largely out of cured resin, with inclusions/materials like glitter, foil and more.
  • Coloured with alcohol inks, and faces inked with paint
  • They are sanded and polished by hand. 

Are your dice balanced?

Vera's Art and Dice does a really awesome, thorough rundown here!

Check with your DM if they allow handmade dice at your game table. Most DMs do, otherwise they’re still a one of a kind collectible to have in your repertoire.

More about the goods

Products & Pricing

cluster of handmade d&d dice, with a d20 in focus showcasing the sambal & mages logo

Why is your stuff so expensive?

If you decide to support us and purchase one of our handmade dice, thank you! Here's what you would be paying for:


  • Resin is a finicky material to work with, especially in  Singapore where the humidity greatly increases the chances of the dice not curing well or at all in some cases. 
  • Gone through heaps of product testing and research. There are almost no dicemakers in Singapore so we’ve had to rely on a lot of personal research driven by curiosity, as well as hours of conversations with fellow dicemakers in other countries. 


  • Quality materials are not easy to come by in this part of the world, especially if you’re looking to sell them. Local/Shopee hobby stores for resin are plentiful, but they usually don’t cut it when it comes to the level of quality that we need.
  • No pressure pots in Singapore - we had to almost make one from scratch on our own! Hours of sourcing for the right compressor, valves, etc. 


  • Just hand sanding a full 8pc set can take 4 - 6 hours of back/neckbreaking work. Curing takes a whole day, so it can take a few days for us to produce just one set. On top of our full time jobs. Crei. 

Do you do commissions for handcrafted dice?

We do, but commissions are currently closed. Subscribe to our mailing list our follow us on Instagram to get updated when we open slots!

When are you launching your next collection of dice/gaming accessories/hombrew lore downloadables etc.?

You'll be able to stay up to date with our launches by:


Shipping & Handling

Do you ship anywhere in the world?

Largely yes, subject to the local postage guidelines. Rates will differ! We will quote standard postage rates across the board, but may reach out to you should we run into any issues shipping to you!

Do you provide free shipping?

Yes, with a minimum purchase!

  • Free shipping for international orders above SGD250.
  • Free shipping for Singapore and Malaysia orders above SGD150.