A D&D Player's Guide to an 8pc Dice Set

Hello, fellow adventurers of Dungeons & Dragons! Welcome to a whimsical journey into the magical realm of dice.

handmade resin d&d dice by sambal & mages. 8 piece dice set in a red dirty pour with white and green and wisps

Mawar Merah (Red Rose), a full 8-piece dice set for Dungeons & Dragons by Sambal & Mages

If you’re just starting out in your D&D game, it may be hard to distinguish a D12 from a D20. We’re here to help! We also have a downloadable template at the bottom of this post you can print out to use at your table.

1. The D2 - Deciding the Fates with a Coin Toss

First up, we have the D2, a two-faced coin that settles dilemmas faster than a rogue slipping into shadows. Need to decide who gets the last slice of pizza? Toss the D2! It's a simple choice—heads or tails, yes or no. A bit like asking a grumpy dwarf if they like ale—just don't expect a polite response.

A D2 is a bit rarer to come around in average dice sets, but most of our Sambal & Mages dice sets come with a coin where we can help it!

D&D Dice Guide - D2 from Sambal & Mages
D2 dice by Sambal & Mages

2. The D4 - The 4-sided Heavyweight 

Next in line, the D4—sharp as a dragon's claws and essential for inflicting melee weapon damage. Most D4s come in the shape of a miniature caltrop, but you may also find them as a shard or more gemstone-like shape. This 4-sided dice is most often wielded by clerics, who channel divine power with each roll with spells like Bless. Also excellent to have around if you’re in a party full of hypochondriacs that hoard healing potions.

Resin handmade dice by Sambal & Mages in D4. Gemstone shape, red dirty pour with white wisps
D4 dice in gemstone shape by Sambal & Mages
Resin handmade dice by Nailo Dice. D4 in shard shape, pink with gold foil inclusions
D4 dice in shard shape by Nailo Dice
Resin dice by Dispel Dice. D4 in caltrop shape, purple and green with mylar inclusions
D4 dice in caltrop shape by Dispel Dice 

3. The D6 - The Party Starter

The D6—the life of the party (literally)! This six-sided reveler is your go-to at the start of every D&D game when you roll for stats. It also is a sneaky rogue’s best friend. Don’t think we’ve met any player that’s a rogue with less than 6 D6 dice in their dice bag.

Handmade resin dice by Sambal & mages. D6 in red dirty pour with white wisps
D6 dice by Sambal & Mages

4. The D8 - The Swiss Army Knife of Dice

Next, we have the versatile D8—like a chameleon, it adapts to any damage-dealing weapon. Your character swings a mighty battleaxe? D8 it is! A sneaky dagger strike from the shadows? D8's got you covered.

handmade resin dice by sambal & mages in d8. red dirty pour with white wisps
D8 dice by Sambal & Mages


5. The D10 - Decimating with the Divine

Now, prepare to deal divine destruction with the D10! For spells and critical strikes, this ten-sided beauty shines bright. When your wizard utters a powerful incantation, the D10 is there to decide the fate of your enemies.

handmade resin dice by sambal & mages in d10. red dirty pour with white wisps
D10 dice by Sambal & Mages

6. The D100 - Unraveling Destiny's Secrets

Behold the legendary D100—the dice of destiny itself! With its unique two-digit numbering, it's like reading the ancient runes of prophecy. When the Dungeon Master calls for a D100 roll, it's a grand moment—you're about to shape the fate of kingdoms and weave your name into legends!

handmade resin dice by sambal & mages in d100. red dirty pour with white wisps
D100 dice by Sambal & Mages

7. The D12 - The Rock 'n' Roller

Next, we have the D12, known as "The Rock 'n' Roller" or more commonly known at tables with new players as “The One that Everyone Mistakes for a D20”. This twelve-sided powerhouse is your damage-dealing friend, perfect for fierce warriors and raging barbarians. Roll this dice, and you're rocking the battlefield like a dragon in flight!

handmade resin dice by sambal & mages in d12. red dirty pour with white wisps
D12 dice by Sambal & Mages

8. The D20 - The Celestial Gem of Fate

Last but not least, the D20—the crown jewel of your dice set! With its twenty faces, this celestial cube decides your character's destiny. Will you slay the dragon with a critical hit or fall flat on your face with a natural 1? The D20 is the ultimate storyteller, spinning tales of triumph and shenanigans.

handmade resin dice by sambal & mages in d20. red dirty pour with white wisps
D20 dice by Sambal & Mages

Congratulations, adventurers! You've mastered the art of identifying your dice, and the fate of your characters rests in your hands. If you ever forget, download this little guide that you can print to have at your table. 

Download our nifty dice guide here!

Now go forth and let the dice guide you on countless quests and adventures. Head to our store to check out handmade resin dice sets that can guide you in your next epic journey!

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