Dice Alchemy: Crafting Handmade Dice for D&D

Welcome to the dice-making extravaganza where the humidity in Singapore is our eternal nemesis, and crafting dice becomes a symphony of stress, closely watching the pressure pot and, of course, resin. What we lack in a dry climate, we make up for in inspired designs and pieces inspired by our rich, cultural backgrounds. 

Singapore, with its perpetually humid embrace, poses a challenge for crafting handmade resin dice. We've spent quite a bit of time trying to perfect the process, and while, we're far from being experts in the field (one day!), we found a way that is currently working for us. 

That said, creating a set of dice in general is no swift affair. It's a labour of love that can span a week, excluding the mishaps that might occur along the way that can sometimes bring us right back to the drawing board. We endure the ups and downs of crafting, knowing that each set is a testament to our commitment to telling a story that is ours and, hopefully, yours! 

Getting Inspiration

Our creative journey begins with chaos and inspiration drawn from the mundane and the extraordinary. Whether it's the vibrant patterns of a kebaya, the flavours of a Chinese dessert, or the strategic moves in a game of mahjong, everything around us becomes a muse for our next dice masterpiece.

Handmade dice for Dungeons & Dragons with mahjong dice tiles in themMrs Lee 8pc Dice Set, Sambal & Mages, Chinese New Year 2022 Collection

The First Cast

Enter the world of resin casting, where meticulous mixing precedes the introduction of a kaleidoscope of colours. We pour the resin into prepared dice-shaped moulds (mould making is a whole other thing altogether btw), setting the stage for the fun stuff – alcohol ink colours, foil, mylar, mica powder, and anything else that sparks our creative fancy. 

The War with Bubbles 

Into the pressure pot our dice go, a chamber that banishes bubbles and leaves them to ponder their existence overnight. The next day, we unveil our creations when we take them out of the pot, checking for fails and celebrate the victories of successful casts.

Trimming the Fat 

The dice undergo a spa day of sorts, getting pampered with sanding to ensure even faces, fix any voids, and clean corners. A touch of car polish on a hand drill with a buffing head transforms them into gleaming works of art. Schwing!

The Final Flourish

No dice is complete without its inked numbers. We take to them with ink, adding the finishing touch to our creations and giving each die its distinct personality.

If you're keen to start your own dicemaking journey, check out Rybonator on YouTube for a great beginner tutorial. They also have some really awesome guides specific to various stages of finishing your dice. Feel free to experiment, no one dice is the same! 

Or if any point you decide that carpal tunnel isn't really your thing (long hours on sanding can be a real pain), check out our store to pick up a handmade set of dice from us

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